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Hood Exhaust Cleaning

Having your kitchen exhaust cleaning regularly is an essential part for your business, is not only for the safety of your customer employees and your building, it is also a compliance issue.

Did you know that According to NFPA Code 12.7.2, cooking equipment that collects grease below the surface, behind the equipment or in cooking equipment flue gas exhaust, shall be inspected and, if found with grease accumulation, cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and certified person acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)? NFPA Mandates Yearly Restaurant Cooking Equipment Cleaning by Certified Techs!

With this code now in effect, having your commercial kitchen hood professionally cleaned ensures that the fans and exhaust systems are clear of any fire hazards. We've been experts in the field of commercial hood cleaning services and our experience have enable us to develop superior hood cleaning techniques! 

We have the tools and the training necessary to provide you with the maintenance or cleaning services for your kitchen hood and commercial kitchen exhaust 

Hood Cleaning Services

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